What are the main processes of your logo printing?

What are the main processes of your logo printing?

What are the main processes of your logo printing?

As a professional clothing manufacturer and clothing seller, we have a professional design team. Therefore, you have a variety of options to determine the presentation process of the logo. We will provide a variety of different crafts for you to choose when you are hesitant about the way the logo is expressed on the uniform, and we will also propose a suitable logo expressing craft for your working environment and your needs. Of course, the price of each performance process is different. We will list the prices, final effects, advantages and disadvantages of all processes to you in order to meet your price and process requirements.

When recommending the process, our designers will choose the printing method based on the final results such as clarity, durability, brightness, texture and feel. When determining the process, we will recommend making samples first to ensure that your final requirements are met.

The most commonly used printing processes mainly include: screen printing, thermal transfer printing, direct printing, cutting printing, print printing, fine-quality printing and so on. Each printing method has multiple applications. Of course, the most expensive logo printing process is embroidery, but embroidery is also the choice of many customers.

Flat Screen Printing:

Advantages: exquisite design, reflective is not easy to wash off, low price

Disadvantages: poor air permeability and no sense of layering. It can be recommended if the logo is small

Digital Printing:

Advantages:  not easy to fade, air permeability is better than flat screen printing

Disadvantages:  no layers, more expensive than flat screen printing

Silicone printing:

Advantages: strong three-dimensional

Disadvantages:  single color, mostly silver gray, poor air permeability, and expensive

Bronzing, hot silver:

Advantages: can achieve special effects

Disadvantages:  airtight and expensive

Water Print:

Advantages:   very soft, non-reflective, exquisite design, low price, good air permeability

Disadvantages:  the color is not bright enough to be printed on dark clothes, only light-colored clothes


Advantages:  strong three-dimensional effect, good gloss

Disadvantages:  expensive

Embroidery now also has pure machine embroidery, the price is cheaper than manual embroidery, it is the first choice of many customers when choosing logo craft. The advantage is that the small logos in many pockets can also be easily decorated and not easy to fall off.

The above is part of the logo printing process we introduced. If you want to have more information, please feel free to  contact us .