Where do I need to send my logo?

Where do I need to send my logo?

Where do I need to send my logo?

This is also the answer to  "If I need to customize the logo on my customized uniform, what should I do?

Now the most convenient way is to send us directly in electronic format. We can read most formats, but png, jpg, ps, ai are the best. If you do not have these formats, please send the format you have, and we will try our best to check the logo you posted.

The biggest advantage of electronic files is not only convenience, it can also solve the problem of chromatic aberration to the greatest extent. If you do not have an electronic logo archive and are worried about the color difference and size of the logo photos you have taken, we will recommend that you send us the unused logo in kind. We will have personnel from the design department make an electronic version of the logo, and will send you to confirm the color and size. Our logo design steps are mainly the following steps:


After confirming the electronic picture, we will do our best to match the color of your logo. If you have a specific thread color, please tell us and we will be happy to match it for you. If you do not specify a thread color, we will use the closest color.

Size And Position

We will limit the size of the logo (maximum and minimum), because there will be differences in text and overall size between logos. In our experience, the size of many of our logo designs is determined by the smallest text in the logo. If the logo contains text, we will consult with you before starting production and determine the final size. You don't have to worry about this. It should be noted that, due to style reasons, if you require an embroidered logo, and it is necessary to embroider the logo in a pocket and other places where the size is very limited. We will contact the personnel of the design department when you make a request to determine whether the size you require can be presented. In addition, we will also provide creative logo design to make your custom logo look better.

Final Confirmation

After the color, size, and location are all determined, we will make a sample first, and then take a photo and send it to you. If you need to send a sample for inspection, we will need you to pay the postage. Of course, if the mass production is confirmed, we will give you free shipping afterwards. You can rest assured that we will not mass produce until you do not reply.

If you want to have custom uniforms with logo ,please feel free to  contact us  .