What is the fabric of your scrubs?

What is the fabric of your scrubs?

What is the fabric of your scrubs?

We have previously published an article about the use of fabrics in scrubs uniforms, you can click to read it.Here, we will briefly introduce the fabrics we use.

The most common ones are polyester + cotton and polyester + spandex. The characteristics of these two main mixed fabrics are as follows:


Polyester is characterized by high elasticity, can maintain the shape of the fabric and rarely produces wrinkles, but is not very breathable. Cotton is characterized by water absorption and comfortable wearing, but it is easy to deform (wrinkle, shrink, etc.). Therefore, mixing these two woven fabrics can precisely combine the two advantages. Generally speaking, polyester-cotton blends are durable and functional, and can retain dyes well even after multiple washings. About fabric cleaning, you can click to read.


It is the most cost-effective fabric that customers choose. The durability of polyester combined with the strong elasticity and abrasion resistance of spandex makes uniforms made of polyester + spandex  fabrics more elastic than polyester + cotton. In addition, this type of mixed fabric also has the function of moisture absorption and perspiration.

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