What can I do to prevent the scrub uniforms from fading?

What can I do to prevent the scrub uniforms from fading?

What can I do to prevent the scrub uniforms from fading?

If you wash your clothes too much, you may find that the color is not as dark as it was at the beginning. If you want to extend the service life of your  scrub uniforms  and keep your scrub uniforms in the best condition, you can pay attention to the following points when cleaning.

1. Clean scrub uniforms with cold water

In order to reduce fading, it is best to wash in cold water. Many people find that adding a cup of white vinegar to the washing liquid can fix the dye in cotton scrub uniforms. Adding white vinegar can maintain the brightness of scrub uniforms and eliminate odors. The most important thing is that white vinegar is a natural and cheap softener.

2. Turn the clothes over

We can turn the clothes over during washing and drying, so that most of the wear and tear of scrub uniforms can be avoided. Washing and drying scrub uniforms is rough on the outside of your clothing.? Turning garments inside out will reduce pilling which dulls the look of the fabric.

3. Use mild detergent

Remember not to use chlorine bleach to clean scrub uniforms, because chlorine bleach can cause discoloration. Hydrogen peroxide (such as our common bleach) can damage the color integrity of clothes. So please pay attention to choosing mild detergent and non-chlorine bleach when choosing detergent. In addition, when washing, pay attention to using cold water.

4. Do not over-dry in the sun

You can choose a cool place to dry naturally. Excessive drying (such as exposure to the sun) will cause color fading, which is not good for darker or brightly colored scrub uniforms.

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