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Products and Customization

How should I choose the right size?

How should I choose the right size? The size chart we use is the standard US version, so just buy it directly according to the size you usually wear. Of course, when determining the size, you can ask our salesman for a detailed size, and then choose the size you want most according to your own bust, hip, etc.which can achieve a tight or loose effect. Shoulder :It is best to seek help from others, with others behind, from one end of the shoulder to the other. Bust:Measure underneath your arms, around the fullest part of the chest. Waist:Measure the thinnest circle of the waist, about on the hip bone. Hips:Stand with your feet together and measure the fullest part of your buttocks. Inseam: Measure along the inside of your leg to an inch below your ankle. If you want to be loose, you can generally choose a larger size; for tight-fitting, it is best not to choose a smaller size. It is safest to choose a tight-fitting style. If you need customized or wholesale  medical uniforms, please contact us. You can follow our ins account(ropafast8) and receive our activities and product information in time.

What payment methods do you have?

What payment methods do you have? The payment methods we use the most are PayPal  and Alibaba . If you have one of the two, you only need to choose one of the payment methods. If you do not have either of the two payment methods, we first recommend that you create either of the two accounts, because this is the most convenient.If you feel that creating a new account is not very convenient, you can directly contact the salesperson who contacted you, and she (he) will suggest a suitable payment method to you. Don't worry about not being able to contact us. After you send an email to us, we will send an email back to you. Generally, the content of the email will include our WhatsAPP or other appropriate contact information. If you have a need for custom uniforms, or want to become a uniform retailer, please contact us. We will also update our products on our ins ( ropafast8 ), welcome to pay attention~

Apart from the model renderings on display, can I see other pictures?

Apart from the model renderings on display, can I see other pictures? Of course you can! First of all, please choose the style you need to customize or wholesale, and then send an email to us through the contact us page of our website, and explain clearly the style, color and requirements you need. We will reply to you with a WhatsApp account number in time after seeing the email. After we add the account, if you need to view more detailed pictures or tiled pictures and other pictures, please contact us directly, and our sales staff will reply to you directly. Of course, whether there are pictures generally depends on our inventory and whether it is our existing style. If you need a style in stock, we will take a photo in time and send it to you. If you want to see the style that needs to be customized, we can only make a sample after you place the order and take a photo to send it to you for modification or confirmation. In addition, if what you want to see is our style, but we do not have stock at the moment and only have model pictures, if we have the same style of stock pictures, we can also send it to you. You don’t have to worry about not seeing other pictures after you place an order. In accordance with our process, we will send the sample tiled image and the upper body image of the model to you after the sample is made. We will do all the details you require that need to be confirmed. Finally, we will publish some pictures about our products on ins (ropafast8) every day, if you are interested, please pay attention to us! If you have custom and wholesale uniforms needs, please contact us. Or if you have any purchase questions, you can also contact us.

What if the product is out of stock or the stock is not enough?

What if the product is out of stock or the stock is not enough? Sometimes, the demand for products exceeds our inventory. If this is the case, we will inform you before completing the purchase, usually by email or Whatsapp (depending on our main communication method). After you choose the style and inform us of the quantity that needs to be ordered and need to send it out in time, we will check the inventory number before telling you whether we have the ability to send the product in time. Many of our clearance items are only available while stocks last. If we are unable to complete your order because the product is sold out, we will notify you by email and return the money to your payment account within 3-5 working days. Products that need to be customized and detailed changes, even logo designs are out of stock. If you have ordered multiple styles, we will give priority to the goods in stock and inform you of the possible delivery time for other styles. Please pay attention to ensure that our email and WhatsApp communication are always valid. If you do not receive our news, please send an email to us directly on the official website, we will reply and solve the problem in time.

What should I do to keep my lab coat bright and white?

What should I do to keep my lab coat bright and white? If you want to keep the lab coat bright and white, in addition to the high quality of the fabric itself, we also need to pay attention to the correct washing method in daily use, especially when washing. If the washing method is not correct, even a high-quality lab coat will turn yellow. To keep the lab coat bright and white, please pay attention to these points: 1. Whether in a school, a laboratory or a hospital, it is almost impossible to keep the coat clean at all times. If possible, please prepare a spare coat and wash the soiled lab coat in time. If you don’t have a lab coat to change, please click to read our published method for cleaning lab coat stains. 2. When washing the lab coat, do not mix all the clothes, at least do not wash the white lab coat and other colored clothes together. If mixed, it may cause other colors to seep into the coat and permanently leave stains. 3. Take care to soak the jacket in warm water and add a cup of oxygen-containing bleach. After soaking for a period of time, wash the lab coat with warm water and add the usual detergent. If you want to dry, use a low temperature. If you need ironing, please use a hot iron. If you have more questions or wholesale custom lab coats, please  contact us .

What is the fabric of your scrubs?

What is the fabric of your scrubs? We have previously published an article about the use of fabrics in scrubs uniforms, you can click to read it.Here, we will briefly introduce the fabrics we use. The most common ones are polyester + cotton and polyester + spandex. The characteristics of these two main mixed fabrics are as follows: Polyester+Cotton Polyester is characterized by high elasticity, can maintain the shape of the fabric and rarely produces wrinkles, but is not very breathable. Cotton is characterized by water absorption and comfortable wearing, but it is easy to deform (wrinkle, shrink, etc.). Therefore, mixing these two woven fabrics can precisely combine the two advantages. Generally speaking, polyester-cotton blends are durable and functional, and can retain dyes well even after multiple washings. About fabric cleaning, you can click to read. Polyester+Spandex It is the most cost-effective fabric that customers choose. The durability of polyester combined with the strong elasticity and abrasion resistance of spandex makes uniforms made of polyester + spandex  fabrics more elastic than polyester + cotton. In addition, this type of mixed fabric also has the function of moisture absorption and perspiration. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us.

Where do I need to send my logo?

Where do I need to send my logo? This is also the answer to  "If I need to customize the logo on my customized uniform, what should I do?"  Now the most convenient way is to send us directly in electronic format. We can read most formats, but png, jpg, ps, ai are the best. If you do not have these formats, please send the format you have, and we will try our best to check the logo you posted. The biggest advantage of electronic files is not only convenience, it can also solve the problem of chromatic aberration to the greatest extent. If you do not have an electronic logo archive and are worried about the color difference and size of the logo photos you have taken, we will recommend that you send us the unused logo in kind. We will have personnel from the design department make an electronic version of the logo, and will send you to confirm the color and size. Our logo design steps are mainly the following steps: Color After confirming the electronic picture, we will do our best to match the color of your logo. If you have a specific thread color, please tell us and we will be happy to match it for you. If you do not specify a thread color, we will use the closest color. Size And Position We will limit the size of the logo (maximum and minimum), because there will be differences in text and overall size between logos. In our experience, the size of many of our logo designs is determined by the smallest text in the logo. If the logo contains text, we will consult with you before starting production and determine the final size. You don't have to worry about this. It should be noted that, due to style reasons, if you require an embroidered logo, and it is necessary to embroider the logo in a pocket and other places where the size is very limited. We will contact the personnel of the design department when you make a request to determine whether the size you require can be presented. In addition, we will also provide creative logo design to make your custom logo look better. Final Confirmation After the color, size, and location are all determined, we will make a sample first, and then take a photo and send it to you. If you need to send a sample for inspection, we will need you to pay the postage. Of course, if the mass production is confirmed, we will give you free shipping afterwards. You can rest assured that we will not mass produce until you do not reply. If you want to have custom uniforms with logo ,please feel free to  contact us  .

Do you have large sizes?

 Do you have large sizes? Of course we have. Ropafast is a wholesale manufacturer of  custom clothing . Our main service areas include design, production and sales. In addition to fabrics and other materials, we will have partners, and we do all the design and production of clothing and quality control by ourselves. Please note that in all the clothes we have put on the shelves, the sizes of all clothes are only common sizes. We accept customization. If you have a custom requirement for large-size clothing, you only need to  send an email to us  directly, and clearly state the size requirements and style requirements. If you need to design your own, please let us know and we will reply within 24 hours.

Will my order be the same as the picture on the website?

Will my order be the same as the picture on the website? We do our best to accurately display the appearance of the products we sell on our website. However, in some details, the  customized uniforms  you receive will be quite similar to the picture but not exactly the same. The most important one is color. Perhaps due to a problem with the monitor, when you look at the colors of the color card pictures we sent and the sample photos we sent, you think they are not very similar. Please keep in mind that under our experiment, if your monitor's color settings have been changed or not set to the default standard settings, the authenticity of the product may not be displayed properly on your screen. When we take sample photos, we will try our best to avoid lighting and other external factors that may affect color changes to ensure that the color of the sample photos you see is similar to the actual color. If you have any questions about the color of the sample photos taken by us, you can apply to send the samples to you. Of course, the shipping cost is from you. If you order a large number of uniforms later, we can reduce the shipping cost of the sample shipping for you. Physical color card Electronic color card Please don't worry about the physical details of your order, such as pockets, logo processing, etc. We may have color divergence (due to external reasons such as the display), but there are few details to deal with the above problems. During our production ( please click to view the specific production process ), there will be a staff check. If there is a problem with the pocket or other production details, we will not send you a defective uniform.However, with a very small probability, there may be undetected defects or defects that become obvious during use. If the  uniform  you purchased from the website is defective, please feel free to  contact us  for more help.

What are the main processes of your logo printing?

What are the main processes of your logo printing? As a professional clothing manufacturer and clothing seller, we have a professional design team. Therefore, you have a variety of options to determine the presentation process of the logo. We will provide a variety of different crafts for you to choose when you are hesitant about the way the logo is expressed on the uniform, and we will also propose a suitable logo expressing craft for your working environment and your needs. Of course, the price of each performance process is different. We will list the prices, final effects, advantages and disadvantages of all processes to you in order to meet your price and process requirements. When recommending the process, our designers will choose the printing method based on the final results such as clarity, durability, brightness, texture and feel. When determining the process, we will recommend making samples first to ensure that your final requirements are met. The most commonly used printing processes mainly include: screen printing, thermal transfer printing, direct printing, cutting printing, print printing, fine-quality printing and so on. Each printing method has multiple applications. Of course, the most expensive logo printing process is embroidery, but embroidery is also the choice of many customers. Flat Screen Printing: Advantages: exquisite design, reflective is not easy to wash off, low priceDisadvantages: poor air permeability and no sense of layering. It can be recommended if the logo is small Digital Printing: Advantages:  not easy to fade, air permeability is better than flat screen printingDisadvantages:  no layers, more expensive than flat screen printing Silicone printing: Advantages: strong three-dimensionalDisadvantages:  single color, mostly silver gray, poor air permeability, and expensive Bronzing, hot silver: Advantages: can achieve special effectsDisadvantages:  airtight and expensive Water Print: Advantages:   very soft, non-reflective, exquisite design, low price, good air permeabilityDisadvantages:  the color is not bright enough to be printed on dark clothes, only light-colored clothes Embroidery: Advantages:  strong three-dimensional effect, good glossDisadvantages:  expensive Embroidery now also has pure machine embroidery, the price is cheaper than manual embroidery, it is the first choice of many customers when choosing logo craft. The advantage is that the small logos in many pockets can also be easily decorated and not easy to fall off. The above is part of the logo printing process we introduced. If you want to have more information, please feel free to  contact us .

What can I do to prevent the scrub uniforms from fading?

What can I do to prevent the scrub uniforms from fading? If you wash your clothes too much, you may find that the color is not as dark as it was at the beginning. If you want to extend the service life of your  scrub uniforms  and keep your scrub uniforms in the best condition, you can pay attention to the following points when cleaning. 1. Clean scrub uniforms with cold water In order to reduce fading, it is best to wash in cold water. Many people find that adding a cup of white vinegar to the washing liquid can fix the dye in cotton scrub uniforms. Adding white vinegar can maintain the brightness of scrub uniforms and eliminate odors. The most important thing is that white vinegar is a natural and cheap softener. 2. Turn the clothes over We can turn the clothes over during washing and drying, so that most of the wear and tear of scrub uniforms can be avoided. Washing and drying scrub uniforms is rough on the outside of your clothing.? Turning garments inside out will reduce pilling which dulls the look of the fabric. 3. Use mild detergent Remember not to use chlorine bleach to clean scrub uniforms, because chlorine bleach can cause discoloration. Hydrogen peroxide (such as our common bleach) can damage the color integrity of clothes. So please pay attention to choosing mild detergent and non-chlorine bleach when choosing detergent. In addition, when washing, pay attention to using cold water. 4. Do not over-dry in the sun You can choose a cool place to dry naturally. Excessive drying (such as exposure to the sun) will cause color fading, which is not good for darker or brightly colored scrub uniforms. If you have other questions, please feel free to  contact us .

Are rush services available?

Are rush services available? Of course.But the feasibility depends on our ability at the time. Simply put, if you need to expedite, but we have a lot of orders at that time, we may not be able to provide you with expedited service. Under normal circumstances, if the manpower and time are within our tolerance, we can provide expedited services. Of course, this also depends on the order volume (the order volume is within our acceptable range, and there is no problem in providing expedited services). It is recommended that you first ask our sales staff whether you can expedite the service or send an email directly to explain the expedited and quantity, and we will reply you in time. The specific steps and requirements are as follows: 1. Contact us directly (WhatsApp or Email), we will reply you in time. Urgent orders need to directly state the quantity and location and other information. If you have the style and color you need, you can send it directly. If you need a style from us, you also need to make it clear. 2. After all the information has been collected, we will respond to you based on the order volume, combined with our existing manpower and resources. Because fabrics and other materials need to be purchased, we need to contact our partners to find out whether fabrics and other materials can support our immediate purchase. We promise that after you make a request, we will respond to you in a timely manner after we understand all the information. 3. Expedited orders require additional costs and need to be paid in full before production. Please pay attention to this point. The reason for the extra cost is that the expedited order will speed up our original production process and may be more expensive than ordinary orders in terms of manpower and fabrics.If you have other circumstances, if you can't pay the full amount in one lump sum, please contact us in time and we will make the appropriate method accordingly. 4.  After confirming all the information and reaching an agreement between the two parties, we begin to expedite the production of customized uniforms or other products for you.

What should I do if there is a problem with the order?

What should I do if there is a problem with the order? Now that online shopping has become a common phenomenon, most people wonder whether the online shopping and the sellers they are looking for are reliable. This is because we don't know each other in life, we may be just a website in your eyes, a uniform manufacturer separated by the ocean. So, when customers have some problems with their orders and they don’t know how to solve them, what should they do? As a professional uniform manufacturer,  Ropafast   has cooperated with various customers for many years, and we have been providing customers with quality services before, during and after sales. The following are some of the processes provided for after-sales service. 1. Customer feedback Customers can contact us through  Email , WhatsApp (  +86 1515062669 ) , etc., and give us feedback on the problems they encounter. 2. Collect information When our service personnel receive customer feedback, they need to sort and collect the following information:A. For clothing quality issues, such as labeling issues, disconnection, color difference, etc., we will need customers to provide photos.B. If there is a problem with the size, we will need the customer to take a photo for confirmation, and then compare according to our size standard.C. In the case of missing goods, the customer also needs to provide photos of the outer box and count the actual received quantity.D. For C, if the number of losses is large, we will need the customer to provide the weight of the entire received box (box and clothing, etc.). The above picture is the whole and part of the  customized uniform  that needs feedback. Please contact the sales staff for the detailed requirements of the shooting. 3. Feedback After the collection of our 2 information is completed, our sales staff will contact the superior. 4. Solve the problem We will discuss a solution in time, and the sales staff will contact the customer. After the two parties reach an agreed solution, the order problem is finally resolved. If you have other questions, please  contact us .

Is the uniform size you produce in the US version or the Asian version?

Is the uniform size you produce in the US version or the Asian version?We are a manufacturer of uniforms in China. We distribute uniforms such as medical uniforms, security uniforms, school uniforms,engineering uniforms and other work uniforms. Although we are a Chinese manufacturer, we have a lot of cooperation with European and American customers, so we are very familiar with European and American clothing size specifications. So there is no need to worry about the inaccurate size of our customized uniforms. The following sizes are the size standards we refer to during production, which can be read and referenced completely.Lady's Top Size Chart(Inches) S M L XL XXL HPS Body length 27 1/6 27 5/9 28 28 1/3 28 3/4 Across shoulder 15 15 3/4 16 5/9 17 1/3 18 1/9 Chest 37 4/5 40 1/6 42 1/2 44 7/8 48 Waist 34 5/8 37 39 3/8 41 3/4 44 7/8 Bottom 40 1/6 42 1/2 44 7/8 47 1/4 50 2/5 Sleeve length 6 5/7 7 1/9 7  1/2 7  7/8 8 1/4 Lady's Pants Size Chart(Inches) S M L XL XXL Waist extended 16 5/9 17 5/7 18 8/9 20 1/2 22 Hip circumference 19 2/3 20 7/8 22 23 5/8 25 1/5 Thign 11 4/5 12 2/5 13 13 7/9 14 4/7 Men's Top Size Chart(Inches) S M L XL XXL HPS Body length 28 8/9 29 8/9 30 1/8 30 5/7 31 2/7 Across shoulder 17 8/9 19 1/9 19 7/8 20 7/8 21 6/7 Chest 21 1/9 23 24 3/5 26 3/8 28 1/7 Bottom 21 1/4 23 24 4/5 26 4/7 28 1/3 Sleeve length 9 9 4/9 9  4/9 9  5/8 9 5/6 Men's Pants Size Chart(Inches) S M L XL XXL Waist extended 20 1/2 21 1/4 22 22 5/6 22 5/6 Hip circumference 21 1/4 22 22 5/6 23 5/8 24 2/5 Thign 12 3/5 13 13 3/8 13 7/9 14 1/6 Of course, we can also do other sizes, we just list a few here. If you really want to know other size standards or want to consult us about other sizes to customized uniforms, please feel free to contact us,you can email or leave a message.We will contact you in time.